I can’t start the moonshiner role

I went to the saloon to meet with the old lady and Cripps, and the the cutscene played out, but I never got the option to buy a shack. I looked in camp and I can’t buy any shacks there, so how can I buy the shacks?

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I can’t run moonshine business ,bootleggers and story.plus bounty board not working. ============ I have a problem with doing the maggie mission whilst entered the shack so can’t find a cook or Equipment as keeps going to a black loading screen then doesn’t allow me to do the missions ==================== I can’t start the moonshiner role.  If I try and start it from either menu I get an infinite loading screen and reading the highlighted letter about this new role once in game does absolutley nothing!  Walking into the shack does nothing!   I have plenty of gold and my other… Read more »