I didn’t receive compensation for linking Twitch Prime.

It has been 72 hours since the Twitch Prime link, but has yet to be compensated.I thought you had a lot of issues like this.I wonder why they respond so late.I hope you will settle it as soon as possible.

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Same here. I didn’t get my free collector’s bag for more than 5 days.
I submitted a ticket and they have yet to respond. They’re most likely off this week for the Christmas holiday. I waited for like a year because it’s 2020 plus 2 months I think it’s a scam!

I did, but you’d be better off not: Even when you get the bounty hunter role, you don’t earn XP in it, or get cash for the bounties. I guess we all just have to wait a few more days till Rockstar starts replying to tickets again.


I guess they won’t be interested in us because of the Christmas holidays.