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I get 0-0x00001001 error while playing Rainbow Six: Siege. What to do?

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On the screen of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege video game, a system error message may appear with the digital code “0-0x00001001”. This applies to playing on a computer.

This error occurs when a non-official version of Windows is installed on the PC. Due to the fact that the activator constantly changes the Windows kernel and blocks anti-cheat.

  1. Through Start, in the “Standard” program section, select Notepad and create a new file. We stuff the following information line by line: DEL “% windir% \ system32 \ drivers \ oem-drv64.sys”
    DEL “% windir% \ system32 \ xNtKrnl.exe”DEL “% windir% \ system32 \ xOsLoad.exe”

    DEL “% windir% \ System32 \ ru-RU \ xOsLoad.exe.mui”

    DEL “% windir% \ System32 \ en-US \ xOsLoad.exe.mui”

    % windir% \ System32 \ BCDEDIT.exe / set {current} path \ Windows \ system32 \ winload.exe

    % windir% \ System32 \ BCDEDIT.exe / deletevalue {current} kernel

    % windir% \ System32 \ BCDEDIT.exe / deletevalue {current} nointegritychecks

    % windir% \ System32 \ BCDEDIT.exe / deletevalue {current} custom: 26000027

    REG DELETE HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ oem-drv64 / va / f

  2. We save the finished file in 1.cmd, select the format “all files”.
  3. We launch as administrator.
  4. Download Windows loader v2.2.2 and set the computer to restart.
  5. The PC restarts, run the downloaded Windows loader file, select “Install.” We confirm the request to restart the computer.
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