I have a problems with the distillery

Hello, I would like to share my little problems with you … So then, it’s been around since the release of the DLC distillery (which I bought with gold bars that I paid with my real money) that I play a lot at red dead redemption 2, so earn some money money to buy the bar. Today, I finally managed to reach the money necessary to buy it, more precisely $ 1003 and a few, (I have proof because I took a screenshot, because it was the first time that I exceeded over $ 1,000). Very happy by going to the distillery, to finally buy it for me after a delivery, I finally arrive in front of the distiller’s shops … I see that I have a little star which indicates to me that I have unlocked some thing, I click on it, and off you go, I buy the improved pheasant capacitor too quickly, which costs $ 850! So good already I do not have the bar (it says that I will have more customers at the bar) so it is not normal that I can buy an improvement, but especially it’s been hours and hours that I Spends a lot of time on it, so will you, with your kindness and kindness, give me a refund, because I didn’t want the upgraded capacitors at all, I wanted the bar, but I didn’t pay attention. .. Awaiting a response, thank you very much. I just wanted to clarify that I am French, so excuse me for my many mistakes because I used google translation for the most part, and that I currently play on Xbox if ever.

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