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I suspended my account for no reason.

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I suspended my account for no reason.
And they don’t even give a clear answer to why.

I’ll take the same answer even if the inquiry.

There’s been a constant explosion in my character,
I reported another user.

Why was my account suspended?

Rockstar Games is really incompetent.

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  1. This happened to a streamer who he reported a cheater and he was banned instead

    Calling them stuff like that isn’t going to make things better. If anything, they will want to ignore you more.

    They obviously do as they have made billions over the years making video games including one of the most sold games in history.

    I can only order you to keep an account.
    He said he didn’t know how to break the account.

    Aren’t they real fools?
    They don’t even have the talent to make games.

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