“I was sealing GTA online mode “

My account was mistakenly sealing before 10 days, unlock today, but I went to play a noon, when I am down, two hours later, I received the mail, said I account to be blocked again, I know this may be not give I unlock, but I want to say that can accurately detect, and the last seal even if by mistake, but now again, not ten days, this time is one month, for me, I was going to play well on a night tonight, but it was unprovoked titles, I want to say, I’m very disappointed in the game. I don’t have to open the third party software, I am a good player, nor how to kill others online, and I are killed by others, also does not have someone to care after I die. This game is good, after all I bought until now have not regret, titles I know is you have to do, but can you again to confirm the first really use third party software titles, again don’t titles is directly detected. I know customer service will not necessarily see, but I don’t hope too much, after all the time and time again, I have lost confidence on the game, a good player, can seal or two, perhaps I will be the third time. If customer service gave me the message, I thank you very much, because I can allow you to focus on, forget it if a robot. Thank you for your customer service. I wish you good health.
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