Ideas on how to make Red Dead Online better

1) Change how goldbar system works. An easy way to fix this is by making gold more consistent. You could also add a vendor which you can exchange like $250 for a gold bar, sort of like a convertor to have a easier way to manage money.

2) More horse customization and options. Stagecoach or anything that a hore can drag that you can ride on. Horse masks, such as skulls or racing horse gear. Make the hore stamina drop 5% less.

3) REDUCE ALL THE PRICES. Prices are too high in comparison to single player. Make a balance cause its really hard to level up and earn money.

4) Metal prices reduction, or option to buy with money

5) Missions and more missions that are easy or hard, but fun

6) Reasons on why to be bad or good.

7) Less strange missions more full fledged missions.

8) Poker, domino. cards, finger chopping games.

9) Give reasons on why a player should customize camp, reduce camp customization prices.

10) Houses which you can build the way you want to. Prebuilt ones as in story.

11) HEISTS, but in free roam, not missions, allow the player to decide how to approach a heist their own way.

11) Bounties on toxic player killing players,

12) Gun shooting styles

13) Face impression settings

14) Aim down sights option

15) Gangs, apart from poss

16) train transport

16) Creator for stuff like races, etc.

17) player can get to average health easier than being stuck on unerweight.

18) More ways to get easy money in a fun way.  Such as hunting competitons or fishing.

19) guns for hire for other players.

Please i hope you use these ideas in a way.

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You need to remember this is a BETA so not all features have been added yet.

1. I don’t see that happening as gold bars are a different currency and can be bought with actual cash.

2. What other options do you really want that won’t turn into GTA 5 with their unrealistic customization?

3. While prices will probably be tweaked again, things will not be cheap like they were in GTA 5 as everyone would own everything then complain they have money and nothing to spend it on. Plus, it’s not hard to make money. Stop screwing around in free roam and do stuff that actually makes money like missions, races, deathmatches, etc.

5. I’m sure more missions will be added just like GTA 5 if you remember, there were few mission in the early days of GTA 5.

6. There are reasons. You just didn’t pay attention.

7. and 8. See #5

9. Some upgrades offer benefits. Read the description but much like GTA, much is for cosmetics.

10. Again, this is a beta. Patience grasshopper.

11. #1 See #5

11. #2 Grow a pair as this is the norm. Fight back or run. Your call.

12. Maybe in the future. Again, this is a beta.

13. See #12

14 See #12

15. You can make permanent posses so I don’t see the point of create a gang in place of a posse if it’s the same thing.

16.#1 What do you mean? If you want to ride the train, ride the train.

16.#2 Patience. The creator for GTA 5 came much later.

17. It’s been a glitch since day 1. Hopefully they will patch it.

18. You can make money from hunting and fishing. Sell them at a butcher. I do it all the time.

19. Who knows. Maybe in the future. I’m guessing something similar to Lamar in GTA.