I left a game session after getting bullied by some players who hunted me down from Mid-Map all the way to Blackwater. I was being chased by the posse of 7 that hunted me down after I got away with them from fast travel. I told them I was leaving and quit the lobby. Now I cannot use voice chat or do group activities. I loaded back into several new lobbies to find i still cannot join posses/get invites or use voice chat. The whole posse obviously weren’t happy I left and decided to report me or hack my account settings, either way – this is unfair. The change from being able to talk to not being able to was almost instant. 5 min tops. I’ve only been playing Online for no more than a month. Please fix this issue. I have never had issues with players like this until tonight.

I cannot even submit a ticket. Whenever I try it says the “description needs to be 1024 characters”.

I will be happy to provide account details if this gets shared with customer service.

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