How to Fix ‘Internal Exception Java.IO.IOException’ in Minecraft?

Just wanted to play some Minecraft, but Internal Exception Java.IO.IOException keeps popping up. How to fix it? I don’t have the newest version of Windows 10 and a rather outdated PC, if anything. But I think that’s not the issue here.


Unfortunately, there is no specific workaround for the ‘Internal Exception Java.IO.IOException’ error in Minecraft. After a thorough search on the net, we came to the conclusion that a different solution works for each player.

Let’s go through all the known solutions to this Java error:

  • restart the PC;
  • reinstall Minecraft
  • upgrade the game’s Launcher;
  • restart the router;
  • decrease the rendering distance;
  • reset the network settings;
  • disable the system firewall;
  • update Java;
  • activate Native sandbox in the Java control panel.

Some of the above will definitely fix the ‘Internal Exception Java.IO.IOException’ error in Minecraft.

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