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Intro Mission Glitch Help

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I launched the online beta and was able to team up with 3 other players to do the first mission where you go and steal the horses. I completed that part of the mission where you return with your horse to the stable, and go through the entire conversation exchange to where the guys decide to give you the horse. However, once the horse is given to you I am not able to back out of that part of the game and continue you. The game has been frozen in that part for several days now and I cannot continue on with the game. I have submitted a ticket to Rockstar, and I’ve literally gone circles with them as they simply tell me to clear the cache of my console by holding the power until it turns off, unplugging it for 20-30 seconds at least, reconnecting the power, turning the console back on, and loading Red Dead Online and that will fix the problem. However, it doesn’t!

I’m fully convinced they are not reading my message at all at this point. They’ve repeated this suggestion 3 times now and said if that didn’t fix the issue to let them know, so I did and they come back and suggest the same thing all over again.

I can’t even delete my character and start over, as soon as I select the option of playing online from the start screen when I load the game, it takes me directly to the stable. There is no option of deleting my character. So I honestly have no idea what I can do to fix this issue. Does anyone have ANY ideas at this point?

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