[iOS 10]GTA San Andreas Saved File Crash in Version 2.x

My iOS10 Device(iPhone SE,iPad mini3,iPod touch 6th Gen) install GTA San Andreas and update to Version 2.0(2.01)In Version 2.x the game can’t read my lasted saved file (V1.x)or my cloud saved file,when I load saved file the game crashed.I try to uninstall and reinstall again,reset my device,but it still not work

我的 iOS10 設備(iPhone SE,iPad mini3,iPod touch第六代)安裝了GTA San Andreas軟體並將其更新為2.x版本(2.0/2.01)在GTA San Andreas 2.x版本內,我無法讀取我在1.x版本的存檔數據以及雲存檔數據,當我嘗試讀取它們時,軟體崩潰我嘗試重新安裝GTA San Andreas或重新設置我的設備。但這沒有任何作用。

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