iPhone error 9 (iTunes Restore & Update) – How to Fix

I was trying to restore my iPhone 6 Plus, but error 9 popped up in iTunes. I don’t know what’s wrong. At first it seemed like everything was fine. But then the program showed the ill-fated error “nine”. I’m not very bright about these things, so I could use some help.


When restoring some iPhone/iPad models in iTunes, error 9 may occur. In particular, the problem is quite common with iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 Plus. According to Apple developers, the error with this code is often caused by an unstable USB connection between the device and the PC/Mac.

Other causes may include:

  • PC security features blocking access to Apple’s servers;
  • incorrect network connection settings;
  • illegally hacked iPhone/iPad.

So how can you get rid of error 9 in iTunes and restore your device? Try to do the following:

  • check the connection between your device and your computer;
  • use a different cable, if available;
  • connect your iPhone/iPad to a different port on your computer;
    close any virtualization applications (such as Parallels and VMWare)
  • that could potentially interfere with the recovery process in iTunes;
  • disconnect any other USB-connected devices from your computer;
  • connect headphones or a headset to your iPhone/iPad before you start the recovery;
  • warm up your device before recovery (for the most risky ones);
  • reset the “Lockdown” folder on your device via PC/Mac;
  • disable all Windows security software, including system software;
  • reset your network connection settings.

Extremely unpleasant iTunes error – and we hope you managed to get rid of it.

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