iPhone Front Camera Not Working – What to Do?

Help, my iPhone front camera not working! I’ve already tried everything I could think of – nothing works. What I did: I closed all open programs, restarted the phone, changed all sorts of settings in the application “Camera”. I don’t even know what to do anymore.


The iPhone front camera could stop working properly for a variety of reasons, but there are usually a number of trivial solutions that can help bring it back to working condition:

  1. Delete unnecessary photos from the phone’s internal memory (make sure there is free space).
  2. Close all third-party programs running in the background.
    remove the phone case, especially if it covers the front lens and especially if there is a magnet on it (!).
  3. Wipe the front lens with a wet wipe.
  4. Dig into the iPhone settings and make sure that the “Camera” app is not in the list of blocked elements.
  5. Install a pending iOS update, if available.

If you’ve done all of the above, but the iPhone front camera still not working properly, then it’s time to take your phone to a service center, as there’s clearly something wrong with the lens.

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