Is the Bounty Hunter Equipment Glitched?

Unlocked and bought the bolas for my BH career. Bolas was in PC inventory when I logged in earlier today. Did some free roam stuff and then tried to do some daily challenges. One of these was doing a double bounty. Went to the W. Grizzlies to do this for the Valentine sheriff. After killing the first bounty target, tried to lasso the other one. That’s when I noticed the bolas was missing from my character inventory. Only the reinforced lasso was there. Has anyone else run into this issue with the bolas or with any other bounty hunter equipment bought from Rawson catalog?

The only other wierd/glitchy thing was before I did that double bounty, I tried to make Cripps stew of the day. It was the chocolate meat chili recipe (3x game meat, 1x chocolate and 1x kidney beans). Had all of the ingredients in my character inventory, but the recipe still remained greyed out. Did some hunting for more game (rabbit, dear, wild turkey). But still the recipe wouldn’t update.

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