I’ve been denied around $200+ on Xbox One

 I was doing a mission with two of my friends and we were doing a mission where you infiltrate a castle-esk base and kill the man that killed some husband. We ended up defeating the armored man and sat thru the cutscene of the widow shooting her husbands killer. When we got out of the curscene, my two friends were met with a fat paycheck of $200+ and me with none. This instance combined with the fact that i tend to lag out of other missions that we do, really set me off, and now I don’t even want to play the game in fear of me not getting any money at all. I do like the game, I just need some help. My tag is A Hoovy for future notice.

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Not sure if your friends are telling the truth. My husband and I have played with 2 other players on that mission, and we only received little. Not with that ridiculous amount of cash. If that was truth as your friends claim, then you must provide screenshot to Rockstar Support agent with a proof of evidence that you did not received in-game $200 as your friends claim they make. Posting on the Support forums won’t help because Rockstar admins doesn’t read here. Although the forums are only for players helping other players with solutions to common issues in Red Dead Online (beta):


Also, please keep in mind — making a fraudulent claim can get you banned from Red Dead Online beta. However, Rockstar Support agent don’t usually respond to a ticket if they find the ticket was a fraudulent claim.


I don’t think the replay of the mission gives you the $200 you get when you play it the first time. I played it over a few times and have not received any pay out of any kind after the first initial pay out. But this is a beta so it could be a bug.