Update KB5022360 Fails to Install on Windows 11?

I have Windows 11 and I can’t install KB5022360 on it. It is not new, it was released in January, but I did not update the OS since last year, and now I decided to run it and some errors are popping out. Does anyone know how to fix this bug? Windows 11 is fully licensed, if anything. I do not know why I bought it, but I did. Honestly, I regret it now…


Update KB5022360 does not bring any critical changes to Windows 11, but it contains a whole bunch of nice new features and fixes that improve the user experience.

You can usually get rid of Windows 11 update errors in the following ways:

  • Utilize the Windows Update Troubleshooter (run through System Preferences).
  • Restart the Windows Update, BITS, and Crypto services.
  • Reset the network connection settings (also via Preferences).

As a last resort, update KB5022360 can be installed manually through the Microsoft Update catalog. For more information, see our Ultimate Windows 10 & 11 Update Troubleshooting Guide.

Ultimate Windows 10 | 11 Update Troubleshooting Guide

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