Windows 11 Fails to Install KB5022836 – How to Fix?

KB5022836 won’t install on my PC! I’m runnin’ Windows 11, which is obviously not updated to the latest build. So, when I ran the OS update, it started to load the update, but then something happened and the error appeared. How do I fix this?


KB5022836 is an important security update for Windows 11. Its installation is strongly recommended by Microsoft. Unfortunately, the automatic Windows update tools don’t always work the way the developers intended.

To install KB5022836 and resolve update errors, try the following:

  • open the system settings;
  • go to:
    • ↓Start;
    • ↓Settings;
    • ↓System;
    • ↓Troubleshooting;
    • ↓Other troubleshooting tools;
  • select Windows Update and press the Run button;
  • follow the instructions on the screen.

If the troubleshooter couldn’t solve the problem, we recommend you to read our comprehensive guide on this topic. You’ll find a wide variety of solutions there.

Ultimate Windows 10 | 11 Update Troubleshooting Guide

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