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keep crashing online

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im still keep crashing when i play RDR2 online pc   … play 10 to 30 mins   then Random crash happens  seems it acure more often  when you do bounty hunt missions  dunno if that is a trigger  but seems more often on bounty hunting missions  .. i have open ticket but Rockstar dont answer me … feel this game all rdy abbandon before it starts …. never see this happen on a Triple AAA game before

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  1. And cant get rockstar to answer.


    Its not only PC, playstation is having the same problem! And im realy tired of it!


    I am fed up of this now I am being kicked every 10 mins or so from the servers with the 20010006 error, Sort it out Rockstar your servers are crap and cannot cope with the amount of players playing, god help us when they release it on steam it will not be worth playing online at all.


    Well I am another one with a similar problem, I get a 20010006 error that kicks me from the game near startup.
    I run the game on a laptop and play some during lunch and spare time and it has been mentioned that it may have something to do with the proxy or the change of ping location.
    Not sure either way but am looking for a solution as its not the problem the last few days.

    I opened a support ticket and they linked me to this page wth, what a bunch of idiots, they cannot even answer anyone’s tickets.


    I am fed up of it now, it is happening every time I try and play online, I either get the error message with a disconnect from the server or it just randomly does the total lock up and I have to close the program down, what the hell is the point in pre-ordering the game when you cannot even play it.



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