Keep getting alerts ,what’s the solution?

Hey guys .I keep getting this alert when I want to play rdr2 online ?how can I fix it ? “Unable to connect to rockstar game services at this time.please try again later  [error: 0x99380000]
or “[error :0x10023000]”
Or ” [error :0x10001038]

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I started to play rdr online yesterday and was capable to play around an hour but suddenly I got several error codes and until today I am not able to connect to an online lobby. Has anybody the same issue? ======================================================= Iran is banned. the only thing they care about is  people’s private information, cause the only thing that they don’t take from us is social medias. ========================================== Hello to rock star support hear i have in ps4 and reddead2 online ERROR:[0x10001038] and it is seying “you have been disconnected from red dead online because the connection to rockstar game… Read more »