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Keep getting alerts ,what’s the solution?

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Hey guys .I keep getting this alert when I want to play rdr2 online ?how can I fix it ? “Unable to connect to rockstar game services at this time.please try again later  [error: 0x99380000]
or “[error :0x10023000]”
Or ” [error :0x10001038]

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  1. I started to play rdr online yesterday and was capable to play around an hour but suddenly I got several error codes and until today I am not able to connect to an online lobby.
    Has anybody the same issue?

    Iran is banned. the only thing they care about is  people’s private information, cause the only thing that they don’t take from us is social medias.


    Hello to rock star support hear i have in ps4 and reddead2 online ERROR:[0x10001038] and it is seying “you have been disconnected from red dead online because the connection to rockstar game services was lost ERROR[same error]


    The solution is to go buy a game from a developer who actually knows how to make a decent online game.

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