How to Fix Klif.sys Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)?

The blue screen of death with Klif.sys sometimes pops up when booting a Windows 11 PC. What is this SYS file and why is it preventing me from using my computer normally? Sorry, I’m quite bad at this geek stuff (sorry), and so I wouldn’t mind some help.


Klif.sys is a driver of Kaspersky antivirus program. The file name itself is short for Kaspersky Lab Intruder Filter; the part of the anti-virus responsible for filtering unwanted elements in the user’s system.

To get the Klif.sys driver back to normal, you can try:

  • reinstall Kaspersky antivirus;
  • remove other anti-viruses from the system, if any;
  • update Kaspersky Anti-Virus to the latest version;
  • restore integrity of system files (WIN+R→CMD→CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER→SFC /SCANNOW).

After the above steps, BSoD with Klif.sys file should stop bothering you.

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