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“Liberty city stories on iOS Calm before the storm crash “

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Tried this mission so many times as you cannot continue the game without playing it. But the game is unplayable as it crashes on this mission every time. Chinatown cut scene.

I’ve restarted my iPad, restarted the app, closed everything else running, pressing to skip cut scene but it still doesn’t work.

iPad Pro running 10.1.1

it seems unfair to be charging money for something that doesn’t work

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  1. hey i had this issue but was able to get around it 🙂

    first save the game to the cloud or else you’ll loose everything and have too start again.

    Put the device in airplane mode. Restarted the app and restarted the game. Skipp all cut scenes but played the whole cut scene in Chinatown where the helicopter lands on the rooftop.

    and this should work 🙂 after completing Calm before the storm, take the device off airplane mode and go back to the safe house and save the game to cloud!

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