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Link twitch prime for free Bounty hunter license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i had already link my twitch prime to my social club account  on 6th Nov, but I still did not get my free Bounty hunter license~~~~~~~~~~~~

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  1. I take it you haven’t read about all the bugs and issues they are having with the launcher and such?
    All tickets are looked at in the order they come in and they likely have thousands to go through, but I’m sure they’ll make an exception in your case and skip a few thousand in line to deal with you persinally.

    I sent them a ticket about a different issue over a week ago and they still havent answered. I put in a ticket about this 4 days ago and no answer. They are really just not giving a *** about us consumers right now. They don’t seem to care at all. It’s sad.

    same here and no reply at all from them isend my ticket like 3 days ago tothem and no reply at all what a great cust service

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