Lot all product due to disconnection

Once again I’ve lost all 100 products and the money I worked hard to make in this game.

Whether it’s rdr2 or gta it’s the same. And my Internet is absolutely fine. This is beyond a joke.

What are you going to do about it?

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Got a similar problem, sold products from lemoyne to thieves landing, delivered the products, there was some shooting at that place with NPCs and then a neverending black loadingscreen appeared after being done with all the NPCs, which was there for 30 minutes. Then I restarted the game and all my products in my camp were gone. CLEARLY no internet connection issues because I was still in a party chat with my friends. So it’s DEFINITELY a bug here and the game is to blame, and I’m paying the price for this stupid game mistake by losing all my product!!!… Read more »