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Lot all product due to disconnection

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Once again I’ve lost all 100 products and the money I worked hard to make in this game.

Whether it’s rdr2 or gta it’s the same. And my Internet is absolutely fine. This is beyond a joke.

What are you going to do about it?

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  1. Got a similar problem, sold products from lemoyne to thieves landing, delivered the products, there was some shooting at that place with NPCs and then a neverending black loadingscreen appeared after being done with all the NPCs, which was there for 30 minutes. Then I restarted the game and all my products in my camp were gone. CLEARLY no internet connection issues because I was still in a party chat with my friends. So it’s DEFINITELY a bug here and the game is to blame, and I’m paying the price for this stupid game mistake by losing all my product!!! This is stupid and unfair! Please fix this! Wasn’t the first time this happened!

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