Low level fatal error when launching a game

I ran the game and the Low level fatal error appeared. All other games work just fine, but not that one. The game in question is Choo-Choo Charles, which recently came out, if it matters. Tried to find something on the net, but didn’t find anything useful. Thought it was a problem with the videodrivers, but I updated them and nothing changed. Probably the same error will show up with other games, so it would be nice to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.


Low level fatal error often appears when running all sorts of games on Windows. There are many reasons for the error, so getting rid of it in some cases can be quite difficult.

Faced with such an error on your PC, we recommend you to do the following:

  • Update graphics drivers (you have already done this). The problematic game is not a AAA project, but it also requires up-to-date video card drivers for its proper work. Be sure to update the video drivers! You can find everything you need on the official websites of the GPU manufacturers: AMD, Nvidia, Intel.
  • Check integrity of game files. Probably, Low level fatal error could be a result of corrupted files of the game you are trying to run. Run file integrity check in the “Local files” tab of the game properties. If any files fail the check, they will be reloaded.
  • Installing the latest Windows updates. From time to time, games refuse to run outright if certain Windows updates are missing from the user’s system. Run system update, wait for it to finish, and then check if the issue been fixed.

Well, do not forget about the fact that Choo-Choo Charles developed by one person, so the stability of is not guaranteed. Wait for the release of a new patch.

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