Lvl 4 Horse Killed by Persistent Game Bug In RDR Online

Already submitted a ticket on this and still awaiting R* support feedback. But thought I’d post this here to see if anyone else is experiencing this game breaking issue in RDRO.

Using XBX1 so not sure if this is a platform related or global PC/console issue. Was having increasing difficulty getting my character to do simple things like looting NPCs and picking herbs.

When looting, character would freeze and stand still in place for several seconds. If this was in a fire fight, he’d continue to take damage and/or die in the process.

When picking herbs, same result. Except the herbs disappear and they don’t show up in his inventory.

The worst case scenario happened yesterday while playing in the Land of Opportunities mode. I took a job from that Irish gangster NPC to  hold up a coach and kidnap the NPC.  My character was thrown from his horse when it was critically wounded by the NPC guard fire.

The  coach had driven off by the time my character ran over to his horse which was still alive and convulsing on the ground. Then I tried to use the horse reviver tonic on my horse. But instead of doing the animation to apply the horse reviver tonic, my character immediately froze.

When I was finally able to move my character after an entire critical minute or so, my horse (a beautiful lvl 4 black stallion I’d spent HOURS grinding missions to customize his appearance, saddle, best gear etc etc) had bled out and was dead.

I’m wondering if this bug has happened to anyone else recently. And if so, were you on PC or console? Also does it happen when you’re trying to do simple stuff like herb collecting etc?

I’m really hoping I can get the horse back. Because of all the hours expended in grinding gold/cash to customize it. What’s the point of having to buy horse insurance if you can’t get your horse back FFS?

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