Madam nazar (Collector)

Does anyone know where i can find this lady?
Yesterday i saw her but today she doesnt show up on my map.
Is that an issue u have too?

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I wonder if anyone could help me, I collected all the cards on gta 5 for the collectors bag and went into game it didn’t work. I then waiting 24 hours nothing appeared and it’s now been around 36 hours. (My social club is connected). Can anyone help?


I too have had this issue now, I did a few of the maps and found items, level 2 in the collector and now she is gone and doesn’t show up and even if you go back to where you first saw her she is gone.

It is, it down under thieves landing south at a way near the shore

I also found out if u get a wanted level u can check the map and see all diffrent locations where Madam Nazar spawns in the future