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madam nazar not showing up on my map

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ive been having this problem since the other day i finished my last 2 collectors maps and she hasn’t popped up on my map her name isnt even in the map index im wondering what is going on and what could be causing it. any help would be appreciate it thank you in advance.

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  1. hi arthur
    yes fund the madan nazar video s to on YouTube thnx

    Another thing about Madam Nazar. When you find her at each location, place a marker so you don’t have to remember where she is. Then you can go to each of your markers until you finally find her again.


    It happens to me. It is annoying. Also when we have to ride for miles and miles looking for her. I found some videos at You Tube helping where to find her. It works. It’s just a matter of riding about that is a pain in the neck.  From what I can tell, she’s only at one part of the map at a time. She’s not like other characters. The thing that I find so annoying and typical is she is never showing on the map until we find her, then her icon is on the map. It’s a bit late then when we have found her.

    Another thing that is annoying and typical is she’s never showing on the map when we want her and that pointless and conning Old Man Jones is always showing. If you’ve never gone to him, stay away from him because he takes most of your honor. One time my honor was at 100% and I thought I was going to do a mission and he dropped my honor to about 35%. Then when I saw him again he raised it to about 70%. Then he wanted to charge me three gold bars for something and I wondered what is was for. Then he dropped my honor again to about 35% and conned me out of three gold bars. I wonder why R* added him to the game when he has no reason to be there. If we want to lose honor, we might as well attack the lawmen and enjoy ourselves and save gold bars.  not waste them by handing them to that pointless old fart.

    i have the same problem but the say on YouTube it part of the game
    and my camp is stil moving on thr map to i have to resten camp somtimes
    i wane sta in 1 place on the map

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