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Merry Christmas :)

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As a result, your account has been suspended from playing Red Dead Online on PC for 30 days. In addition to being suspended, all Red Dead Online characters, progress and inventory on PC will be reset. Reason? No explanation. I’ll be sitting at home while my friends are playing.

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  1. Your little petition is going to go nowhere other than getting you banned from the forum

    The issue is that players are using a glitch in camps to donate infinite items and as a result it gets posse leaders banned… it’s so dumb smh, you’re not alone on this one


    I’ve never used cheats or programs that would give me an advantage.I don’t hide my face behind a false profile.
    When I was born, there was a totalitarian regime in my country. They punished people without explanation without being able to defend themselves. I thought these days were gone.
    And if the game allows someone to hurt you. Whose fault is it? I hurt no one.
    Although I may experience more adventure in real life than in the game. Maybe I’ll thank for the ban. Merry Christmas

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