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Micro-transactions are going to be a problem…

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To whom this may concern:

Rockstar games is a dream factory that creates incredible, outstanding, over preforming games. Actually, that is and understatement, Rockstar Games creates masterpieces. I don’t know why or even how the  studios and teams at Rockstar Games are so talented and I must give credit where credit is due. But that being said I only ask that you read this and reflect on my words. I believe it is in your best interest to cut back on the micro-transactions or to cut back on the pay walls.

 I believe the gold system is much better than the shark card system, but I think it is ridiculous that their are now pay walls in Red dead online. Pay walls that make us purchase items such as weapon metals, gun holsters and belts, the pocket watch, clothing,  horses, saddles, and hygiene care (dentistry, hair and facial hair) all force us to pay in gold.  I am also aware that we are given “gold” after multiplayer matches, but the most I have got from any of these matches are about 0.02 units in gold. While most of the items cost “1 bar of gold” = 1.00 units of gold. I believe I have done the math correctly that is about 50 for every 1 bar of gold. then take into consideration that my favorite metal is silver. Silver = 3 bars of gold and by using the same math above, I can calculate that 3*100= 300/2= 150 games for 1 gun part made of silver 150*5 gun parts = 750 games of death match. This is a outrageous number for one custom made weapon. This is embarrassing, I been protecting your reputation, from parts of your community and even my friends. They say “Oh, Rockstar fell from grace,” and “They’re greedy and they’re going to do the same thing like GTA online.” I believed things could be different, I have faith that things could change. Please don’t lead us astray, for we (The GTA and Red Dead Redemption Community) only want the best for your studio and success as developers. I would rather pay $30 for DLC then an in-game economy build around “Micah”- Transactions. I understand this letter is getting lengthy but I pray you may respond this post.

Thank you for reading this, Best Wishes
A Poor White Boy from Pittsburgh

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  1. One of the most successful games in history RDR2 (selling $750 million in revenue) + the Most successful game in history GTA5 (selling $6 billion in revenue). So, your going to tell me they need more in profit. Then, Why not don’t they make the “Online” a DLC that would that inturn increase the revenue and put a wall on how much can be given and could still provide you with a “Complete” game. I don’t understand this idea of “Game developers need micro-transactions” becuase some of the most successful games in history ( Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, God of War 3, and even Splatoon 2) don’t have micro-transactions.

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