How to Fix Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282

Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282 popped in my game recently. It appears in the chat area, and not just once, but as far as there is enough space. You could say, the whole left bottom part of the screen becomes yellow and white. So… What should I do?


Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282 usually indicates incorrect work of installed mods or shaders. Simply identify the faulty element (through the logs), deactivate/delete it, and error 1282 will disappear.

Nevertheless, you can make Minecraft stop showing you OpenGL errors by deactivating the respective option in the game settings:

  • launch Minecraft;
  • go to Options→Video Settings→Other;
  • set the Show GL Errors option to Off;
  • click Done.

That’s it, now the Minecraft OpenGL Error 1282 will not appear in your game. To be more precise, you simply won’t see it.

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