Minecraft Stuck On Mojang Screen – How To Fix

My Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen. You know, the moment when you start the game and it starts loading. But as soon as the developers logo appears – complete silence. Do you know how to fix it? On the last PC everything was fine. Decided to install the game again and it refuses to even run. My copy is a license, I’m not a pirate.


Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen is an extremely common problem among the travelers of the cubic world. Moreover, the problem exists almost from the original release of the game, which took place back in 2011.

So what can you do if Minecraft stuck on Mojang screen? Well, you can do this:

  • forcibly close Minecraft and run it again;
  • restart your computer;
  • make sure that the game has all the available updates;
  • disable installed modifications (this helps most often!);
  • close the task “Runtime Broker” through the Task Manager;
  • update video card drivers and install pending updates for OS;
  • add Minecraft to the firewall exceptions list (including the system firewall);
  • deactivate Discord overlay;
  • reinstall Minecraft completely.
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