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Modders. Just when we thought RD Online ….

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Just when we thought RD Online was BS enough with the grievers, now the modders have stolen RD Online. FFS!

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  1. Can anybody who is gracious enough to be awesome allow me to know how to Insta kill (@ least once for peet sake) these rascals that just keep killing me over & over right when I respawn?!

    It’s not modders. They are using glitches.

    Remember, this is a BETA!!!

    There are going to be plenty of bugs. If you took more than 5 seconds to do your research, you would be aware of the glitches people are using.


    I have definitely noticed.  Mothers w/ a tenaciuus/////tt55 I 5444 Times in the


    You are way better than me i have not been able to play since day cause cause of that error and still can’t and on top of that support is like a big 0 no concrete answers to what is worng tried a lot of things from wupport and users nothing it like i am not fit to play the game since i only biught the regular version


    Yeah, I shot one player like 9 times in the head before he died, something’s going on, he wasn’t expecting to die


    there is no way to mod on current gen, so what you witnessed was a glitch being abused by bad players.

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