Moderate NAT Feedback

Even if we open any Ports for RDR2 we still have a Moderate NAT Type. This is not an single Problem for the PC version. Nearly Everyone who don’t use DMZ or a open port range of 20000 (both big security risk) will have this Problem.

I use a wired Google Wifi behind unmanaged Modem and only Windows Firewall. In other Games (GTA4 too) I get always an fully open NAT with uPnP Features or without after port forwarding.

The Problem:
RDR2 always use something like PCP (Port Control Protocol, same like uPnP and older). Even if we disable uPnP things RDR2 uses dynamic Ports management from around 50000 to 70000. This makes Port forwarding completely useless. Only after opening this 20000 ports between the NAT type will be really open for every single connection.

Please send this Problem to the tech team, patch it or give us a option to disable dynamic port management via exe command. Hopefully Rockstar will read this and everything will be better.

PS: Yes, even if you Port forwarded the given Ports and you get less connection loss there are always connections that are not really forwarded. This means some data can be lost (multiplayer bugs), loading takes longer or the latenz is bigger. There are only a few Devices who can handle this aggressive new PCP for RDR2.

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