How to Fix Modern Warfare 2 Dev Error 11152?

Dev Error 11152 prevents me from logging into Modern Warfare 2. Don’t have a clue what’s the issue, a couple of days ago everything was OK, but now literally nothing works. Just so you understand, I’m playing on PS4. Yeah, console player, no need to judge. Anyway, does anyone know how to fix it?


Dev Error 11152 occurs due to the lack of certain updates for Modern Warfare 2. Season 2 has been divided into many parts (online, co-op, campaign and Warzone), each of which needs to be updated.

Usually, updates for the game are downloaded and installed automatically. If you still haven’t gotten them, it means that your console can’t establish a stable network connection to the game servers.

Restart your console, router, download all available updates for MW2 and Dev Error 11152 will disappear by itself.

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