My Character is Blue in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ – How to Fix?

My character in Hogwarts Legacy turned blue for some reason? Ran around, collected all sorts of stuff in the castle, it was an OK experience, but the next morning I started the game and my main character turned blue. I’ve noticed that the color has changed not only for the MC, but also for some objects in the environment, for example, the doors became yellow. Some kind of rendering bug or something?


You have almost certainly activated the high contrast option in the Hogwarts Legacy settings. In fact, this is the reason why objects around you and some characters stand out in one color or another. Basically, an option for people with limited abilities.

  • Open the game Settings;
  • go to Accessibility Options;
  • deactivate the High Contrast Gameplay option.

That’s it, no more blue characters or yellow doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

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