My Read Dead Online Beta experience so far

I can’t play missions as after a few minutes all the other players freeze and I eventually get disconnected. The only reason that I eventually managed to get through the very first mission stealing horses is because I was the only player doing it otherwise I would never have reached free roam. I have successfully completed several stranger jobs but I have had some disconnections when doing a few which has the effect of making me wary about doing them.

I have done a lot of hunting since I can’t do much else and I recently reached the rank that enables me to purchase the fishing rod and I’m enjoying that too. It would be hugely better if there were butchers and trappers scattered across the map because what I end up doing is hunting near the few existing butchers. Why can’t I go hunting in Colter or Annesburg and sell a carcass or big hide to a nearby butcher or trapper? Ultimately the current few butchers results in limiting your activities to the areas around them.

There seems to be some transaction processing delay issue which means that I can kill and skin an animal and put the carcass on the back of my horse and the notifications for these items appear onscreen a minute or more later. This also occurs when selling items to a butcher whereby when it occurs I have to wait for a minute or more before it decides it’s going to recognise my request to Sell. Also when purchasing items from stores — “Buy” changes to “processing transaction…” which hangs or doesn’t complete in the time that I’ve waited and I have to try again later.

Despite my issues I have done a lot of hunting and fishing and bought some weapons and clothes and I enjoy doing these things with other players around me when they’re not treating free roam like an endless deathmatch. Elder Scrolls Online has horses and fishing and you can’t kill other players so why can’t I disable other players from killng me in RDO. I really don’t enjoy zoning-out fishing in a tranquil location and then getting shot in the head.

The camp I find useless — it’s never anywhere near me and I can use wardrobes and fires elsewhere across the map so I can’t see the point of it unless I’m missing something. I really do miss not being able to pitch a tent and make a fire anywhere on the map like story mode, it’s a very immersive thing that’s been removed from online.

I’m enjoying what I can of it and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

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