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Neverending Alerts!

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Every time I try to play a mission/series/free roam/ANYTHING I receive error codes 0x20010006 & 0x99350000. I bought this game in December and have only completed MAYBE 3 missions without being kicked from the game. I literally could not do a single thing without getting an error. I became so utterly distressed over it that I didn’t bother to touch the game again until today, June 20th. To much surprise (considering the game is now out of Beta) I am STILL getting the same results. I can’t believe this! A $60 game that I haven’t even played yet. I contacted Mediacom (my service provider) to verify that the ports listed on the troubleshooting page are open. I’ve confirmed with them that there are no connection issues as I am able to connect to every other game fine. I have uninstalled/reinstalled RDR2, cleared cache, power cycled modem (many times), NAT is open. I have forced quit and relaunched game and tried reconnecting many times as well. I’ve tried a wired connection and a wireless connection. Help!

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