No animals in RDR

Started slowly, every now and again. But as of right now. Ive restarted (power cycled) my xbox, my router, my modem and NO ANIMALS will show up online.

It used to be that if ANY SINGLE PERSON took a shot at me they’d disappear. Easy enough to just find a new session. But now…now there isnt a single animal in the game AT ALL. I can hear birds, alligators, etc. Nothing is to be seen.

I guess this means Im done playing. I’d like to keep playing but I cant if I cant hunt.

Please help.

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I realize that everything I send to rockstar support won’t be looked at and I’ll get some lazy automated response because you guys won’t do your damn jobs, but hey I might as well try AGAIN.  Amongst the plethora of glitches I’ve come across in your game, I have hit my breaking point when I encountered an entire server that was glitched frozen.  I think that people are using a cheat engine or some type of cheat that harms a server and pauses all the NPCs and animals.  I took a video of the NPCs and animals that were glitched.  If you try and shoot them they just respawn instantly and take no damage.  This was also something that happened on another server when I tried getting on a player’s horse in that it froze my character and I was not able to move.  If you tried shooting the horse, then it would take no damage. The player’s horse itself was glitched and wouldn’t move.  Please fix your damn game, because I’ve about had it with your “support.”


I’m sorry to burst in here unannounced, I’ve never posted on here before, but I feel like I have to say something.

First and foremost, I’m in Canada and I play on the Xbox One. I have cleared the cache, checked my Internet speed and connection, and visited the Bug Report page. I still have a ticket written up that I’ve been attempting to submit for the past little while only to receive, consistently, an error message that reads:

Field `Description` should be at most 1024 characters.

I’ve tried to cut down the characters, but I had previously made sure to stay within the character limit. No matter what I do, no matter what I try, I cannot make this ticket go through.

As for what has been taking place in-game, I think everybody here can attest to insane amount of glitches and bugs in Free Roam right now. For me, it started with a minor lag and the inability to summon/mount the horse after a Free Roam Event on Monday afternoon (Master Archery Challenge at Caliga Hall). I didn’t think much of it at the time, especially with an update on the way.

However, since then, it’s only gotten progressively worse.

At this point in time, Free Roam is currently unplayable. I have not yet tried MsValor’s technique, but I have been lucky enough to maintain access to Free Roam long enough to get into Gun Rush and have spent the past week there. Some days are better than others in terms of stability when it comes to Gun Rush, but if I stick around in the Free Roam for too long, it will always crash out to the Xbox home page.

In my opinion, we have to keep talking about this issue, even if Rockstar won’t. It’s completely unfair to the player-base to let this issue go ignored. I’m darn certain it’s not the console cache, it’s not the Internet provider and there is currently no way to submit a report, and it makes me feel totally hopeless.
Hey guys, since Rockstar left me hanging and basically said wait it out, try this out. So I found that if you join a random person from your recent players list after you join an online session, the animals will work for that new session. Also, you can hunt in missions if you prolong them, but you can only get pocket-able items.