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No animals the horses no 20% extra

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When I load into a game I have no horse I see no animals
Some other players are invisible to me if there are other horse

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  1. Try clearing your cache.  Find the instructions for your console in this article:
    I’m having the same problem created a problem ticket and the reply was what’s your internet speed. Really that’s your solution.   Why are my other games working.

    I started having trouble with stranger missions a few days ago. Mission wouldnt start and the npc kept repeating dialog.

    Yesterday, my horse wouldnt spawn, and i noticed no wildlife spawning either. Then my game froz up and crashed. Did this 5 times in a row, trying to play with a friend, who had the same issue.

    Tried today, and again, no horse or wildlife, followed by freezing and crashing. I cleared my casch and restarted my xbox. But the same issue happened 3 more times. I cant play at all now.

    Submitted a bug report yesterday, no response, only an email acknowledging receit of my report.

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