How to Fix ‘No suitable graphics card found’ in Terraria?

The No suitable graphics card found message popped up when I started Terraria. What is this? I have a desktop PC with one card, not a laptop with an add-in. How do I get Terraria to see my video card?


The ‘No suitable graphics card found’ error in Terraria is usually caused by incorrect settings in the config.dat file.

Go to C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Documents\Terraria and delete the config.dat file. Do not worry, the next time you start the game this file will be automatically re-created by the game.

If deleting config.dat did not work, and you still see the error “No suitable graphics card found”, we recommend that you do the following:

  • check the integrity of game files in Steam;
  • turn off the second monitor, if you have one;
  • install the .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft XNA Framework packages.
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