Not getting paid for completed bounties

I went through a bounty, killed the guy and turned him in. Walked out of the sheriffs office and waited. Nothing happen, no exp, no gold, no cash. Looked at my cash and stats and thought maybe I didn’t notice. Then I did another one, this time I brought him I’m alive, still nothing. What’s going on? 15 gold for this! That’s B.S.

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I am having the issue with no exp no cash I’m bout to lose my Sh**


this dlc is a mess,full of bugs…


Yes ive dealing with that to ive done ay least 9 bounties today thinking it may be a lil lag or something but nope no xp no cash no gold no nothing and doing some of these bounties are time consuming i should be at least a lvl 4 by now but nope im still lvl 2 because im not being rewarded for all the bounties i completed and i be damn if i do them all over i want my xp and my gold and cash and lvl progressed like it should have been

Im in the same boat i get gold but no exp or money i keep trying them in case its fixed its self but i give up now which is a shame because bounty hunter was the role i was interested in.

Experiencing the same issue! You select a bounty, and if it fades to black instead of starting immediately you do not get paid!

yes ***ing hell its so irritating im grinding my ass off on the bounty hunter role a bounty after a bounty for this bull***? i didnt get paid for 7 of the bounties that i did im level 15 on the role now and i shouldve been at least 17 or 18 !!