NOT recieving Gold from Twitch benefits

I was in a one month dispute with customer service bouncing between twitch administration with Amazon and rockstar customer support. I had been using twitch benefits since before RD2 came out and I pre-ordered so I had the game a week early (keeping my twitcg account active and linked the entire time).  I was suppose to receive 1.5x gold on all purchases and 25 gold from the moonshiner to which I have never received. About $80 worth of gold I didnt receive, I’ve jumped through countless hoops with Amazon and rockstar for nothing because even after proving everything to roxkstar with confirmation from Amazon, rockstar told me they were unable to compensate me. If you have this problem with your 1.5x gold then go to Amazon they can give you a ticket to prove anything that was supposed to go to your account. But even then they tell me “best of luck”. This makes me sick to my stomach a billion dollar company can’t even do right by their customers.

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