What to do with «Nvidia An unknown error has occurred»?

Nvidia An unknown error has occurred when I try to install drivers for my video card. I run the installation through a separate GeForce Expirience installer, which I downloaded on my computer. Thought the downloaded installer was corrupt, so I decided to re-download it – didn’t help. Tried running it as administrator – didn’t help. Now I’m asking help from you.


«Nvidia An unknown error has occurred» remains a relevant problem to this day – many owners of “green” video cards encounter it on a daily basis. Fortunately, this error is quite easy to fix (or at least bypass) using proven solutions.

  • As soon as you see the error window, do not close it (!);
  • open the Device Manager (WIN+R→devmgmt.msc);
  • open the Video Adapters section;
  • click on your video card and select «Update»;
  • select «Find drivers on this computer« and «Select a driver from the list of available drivers on your computer»;
  • select your video card from the list and click «Next»;
  • wait for the driver installation to finish and restart your PC.

If this method didn’t help, you can resort to GeForce Experience.

  • Go to the official GeForce Experience page;
  • download the GeForce Experience installer;
    follow the installation instructions and log in to your Nvidia account (create one if necessary);
  • in the window indicating that there is no video driver, click «Continue»;
  • In the installation options, click on «Custom Installation»;
  • be sure to select «Clean Installation» (!) in the next window;
  • finally, click on the «Install» button;
  • after installing the driver through GeForce Experience, restart your PC.

And the last thing you can try is to completely remove all drivers and files related to them from your computer using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and install the current version of the video driver in the usual way.

After applying the DDU the «Nvidia An unknown error has occurred» message is guaranteed to disappear.

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