How to fix NVIDIA Code 43 in Device Manager? (SOLVED)

My RTX 2060 started giving me NVIDIA Code 43. I had some problems with the drivers, so I decided to see how the card was doing in Device Manager. I opened the properties and there it was Code 43. Before doing anything, I decided to ask a smart (maybe) person what the best thing to do. The drivers are updated… but the error didn’t disappear.


It is safe to say that error 43 has been observed by a lot of Nvidia video card owners. Typically, the error occurs as a result of improperly working video drivers, but there are other causes, such as installed software or hardware malfunctions.

To get rid of error 43 on your Nvidia video card, try the following:

  • completely reinstall the video card drivers by using Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU);
  • uninstall Lucid VIRTU MVP software from your PC;
  • update your motherboard BIOS;
  • reconnect the video card to the power supply and motherboard;
  • check your graphics card for hardware failures.
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