Nvidia OpenGL Driver Error Code 3 (FIXED!)

I tried to launch the game, but the Nvidia OpenGL Driver error code 3 popped up. I noticed that the same happens when I switch between integrated and discrete graphics cards. It’s so weird… The error message recommended to contact Nvidia support. Yeah, as if that would help. Anyway, this is why I am asking for help.


Unfortunately, the Nvidia OpenGL Driver error code 3 can have several possible causes, which is why it can be solved by several methods. If you encounter this error on your computer, try the following:

  • update your video card drivers to the latest version;
  • roll back the driver version to the previous version (preferably several versions);
  • change the power management mode in the Nvidia control panel to “Maximum performance”;
  • reinstall the application you’re trying to launch.

Usually, some of the above helps to get rid of the Nvidia OpenGL Driver error code 3.

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