Online mode is extremely buggy

-Multiple disconnections (my record is “only” 2 in a row )
-Not working twitch rewards (after 8 days i claimed and my twitch ran out,i got “but ur twitch prime is deactivated”response among others,and well it worked flawlessly in other games but here it doesn’t,somehow.-bugged roles, my friend is somehow bugged,doesnt get any reward for bounty hunter license,maybe sometimes gold but not exp or money,when she’s the leader of posse it applies to everyone,when someone else is only she’s one that gets nothing-cheaters that teleport you to their locations then use some explosions cheat codes-Not working events,i did not got 200$ for buying bounty license 4 days ago,nor any discount for weapon.Anyone had similiar issues,and my question.Bounty hunter bug is almost 4 months old,why it did not get fixed? Will this game get same treatment as gta online (let’s just add overpriced content to grind and not fix any bugs)?Why you bother to have online mode if you don’t care or you are not capable off maintaning it.PS. single is amazing

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rockstar, they don’t work. and their brain don’t work. or definitely out of order. Server computers are less than players. and response time is slow or there is no answer. and unlimited loading. this is  level of rock star. this is future of gta6. bug made this bug. they only restrict honest player, not chinese cheaters. they are fockstar. =========================== Compared to their pride, their game and customer service response is buggy. This is the current level of rock star company. They made the players who bought their games open beta player. ======================= They wanted to make more money, and… Read more »