Opened Save After Black Screen Fix and Progress is Wiped in The Wild Eight

So recently in the past 7 days this CPU that I’ve been playing on (boyfriend’s) has become completely uncooperative. Which is mostly unrelated but kind of part of what happened.

About every 90-120 mins I have to restart the computer because essentially it overloads its processor with files until all processes reach 99% and I have to restart because the computer is non-functional.
Just a part of life now, can’t figure out any fixes that don’t require paying money.

Anyways, I had to restart like usual because it had been approx. 2 hours and the computer was slowing down and freezing up. I’ve been having issues with the ‘black screen’ glitch because almost every time I close the game I have to use task manager to shut it fully. The fix that has been pinned on the forum is working for me however.

But this time, when I loaded in, my quest progress was gone, it was telling me to get a new tent and all my quest items are gone.
My level progress is the same, my items are all there, my previously built structures are there and my tent/workshop/inventory are untouched.

I went back to but it was gone- and the keycard I had picked up before was no longer there either. Which is what I believe I needed to try to activate the radio.
My map has also been reset entirely, so the whole thing is black again.
Not really sure what to do or if I can actually progress further with the story- I lost the and the key card I mentioned.
Hopefully someone who has had this problem has a fix, or at least the devs can now know that this is a problem.
While I’m reporting issues, when I swap my tools, sometimes they levitate out of my hand a few feet away lol. Doesn’t cause issues with my hitbox tho. Just a cosmetic problem.

Hopefully this helps someone or someone can help me. Thanks friends for reading.

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