Persistent posse bug

I’ve made persistent posse just today and it currently say that 0/0 members are in it. It also doesn’t allow me to invite other players and when I go to reform the posse, it says I have to spend another $200 on a persistent posse. Pitching a small or large camp doesn’t seem to help. Felt like my money was wasted.

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I spent 400 to fix it


I had this problem today I actually think it should be removed if they can’t fix it ,  I’ve wasted more money on trying to stand down and start up a posse about 20 times , this problem clearly makes them money. Lots of people have probably bought another posse without asking for a refund


I had this posse “bug” happen to my posse “the varmiteers” where it show 0/0. I was wondering if the is any way I could get my money back to make a new posse?

Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? It has been like 6 months?  This is on the PC version that I am having a problem.

I’m wondering why only 10 people can be in your Posse List, I only have 10 friends  WTF I have 100’s  th4e limit needs to be lifts.. and if you aren’t going to fix the bug where you can’ see Posse Members then I mean WTH?