Problem with gta games on android

Hey everyone.i have this really annoying problem with gta games on android.last year i bought a galaxy note5 everything was perfect except GTA all 4 gta games on play store were Laggy as hell.

3:small lag low graphics even on highest settings

Vice City:medium lag low graphics

San Andreas:high lag low graphics

Liberty City Stories:medium to high lag also low graphics

So i thought to myself hey its a great phone and didn’t pay much attention to it until this month.3 weeks ago my i got an iphone 6s as a gift and everything was perfect on it high graphics with no lag.and last night a sold my note5 and got a galaxy s7 edge snap820.annnnd it was there.lag all over again.

So my question is

Is there a solution to this problem or this just typical andoid??

also i always keep my ram clea as possible have at least 1.5 gigs of free ram.

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