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Problems on entering on Red Dead online

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Hi, I’m having problems to enter in Red Dead Online. I click to enter in it and after a while two messengers appear,one with the error 0x20010006 and other with the error 0x99350000. I tried everything I could because i thought it was involving my internet, but now I realize that the problems are in the server because I can play online in other games. Can you, rockstar, explain what is happening and a way to fix this?

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  1. Hi, I’m having problems with RDR2 Online chests. I found the hawk’s eye creek treasure chest and opened it, but it is empty with nothing to loot. Is this because another player may have opened it in the same server? Really frustrating.


    I’ve been making this mistake since the online launch. With me also the game does not exceed 60 minutes and errors occur, Error0x20010006 and then Error0x99350000. I’ve done a lot of research and no solution.


    Sto avendo problemi nell’avviare red dead online,
    Mi compaiono due schermate che dicono:
    Error 0x20010006

    Planning to fix error 0x20010006?? To hard for you? Get some skilled people to work for your company. The one you already have is clearly not skilled enough.

    Advising people not to buy the game anymore…

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